welterusten allemaal
have a nice sleep everyone.



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I'm just an ordinary girl who is used to be called as Gretta. The full name of Gretta is actually Margaretta Carolina. Does Carolina her surname or something like that? Hmmm... How can I explain this? This is kind a complicated story so better not to discuss it here. Hehehe. You may assume Carolina as my surname. :P

Gretta is now going to be a 20 years old not yet mature girl since she is really into animes and mangas specially Sailor Moon. She is also into figure skating so much. Unfortunately she can't improve her skills as good as when she was in her home country, Indonesia. She is also crazy of designs. Well this theme of her blog is designed by Leen (thanks for the cool skin)!!! She is a perfectionist. All the things she does have to be well done, and NOT half done (it's scary if I have to watch some blood on my meal!! (>,<)

She's now hardly studying architecture in the Netherlands. She speaks more Dutch than English nowadays - ever since she attends a Dutch university of appliances (Hogeschool van Amsterdam). She may not speak English fluently as before (or even her writing skill is becoming worse), but she can still understand what people are saying.



Margaretta Carolina Siwalette
Margaretta Carolina Siwalette
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First trainee day!!! STAGE!!!!
Tuesday, August 31, 2010 1:07 AM
ALL I CAN SAY IS, it sounds fun to work on an architecture firm.

But it has plusses and minussessss...

+ it is more relaxing in the morning
+ you do your work and get drown into the assignment
+ cozy lunch hour with anybody
+ you can forget the time doing some irritating jobs.

- I was to lazy to begin since i didnt know what i had to do.
- I got a bit confused what some instruction means *the company rules*
- Sometimes it takes time for me to UNDERSTAND what to do with drawings they gave.
- After hours drawing, i realize my fault. and yes it has to be revised revised and OH GOD!!!!
- You get headache by too-long-starring-the-black-screen-of-death-of-autocad.
- I begin to miss my vectorworks.
- STRESS thinking that I'm not really hard and fast trainee.
- Being "kicked out" from the office because it was already 18.40.
- Bringing the headache home, and forgot some important things to do : such as
make copies of my passport, resident permit, and my health insurance at school.

What a day. But i like my training place... and also the people.
I'm going to give everyone keychains from bali. It should be really nice if they get one. :)
And hoping they will give me more marks on my final paper. BWAHAHHA....

And i love my mom for buying me a handy lunch box. :)

After months not updated my blog, i would say.... Welterusten Allemaal... or in english is: have a nice sleep everyone..