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I'm just an ordinary girl who is used to be called as Gretta. The full name of Gretta is actually Margaretta Carolina. Does Carolina her surname or something like that? Hmmm... How can I explain this? This is kind a complicated story so better not to discuss it here. Hehehe. You may assume Carolina as my surname. :P

Gretta is now going to be a 20 years old not yet mature girl since she is really into animes and mangas specially Sailor Moon. She is also into figure skating so much. Unfortunately she can't improve her skills as good as when she was in her home country, Indonesia. She is also crazy of designs. Well this theme of her blog is designed by Leen (thanks for the cool skin)!!! She is a perfectionist. All the things she does have to be well done, and NOT half done (it's scary if I have to watch some blood on my meal!! (>,<)

She's now hardly studying architecture in the Netherlands. She speaks more Dutch than English nowadays - ever since she attends a Dutch university of appliances (Hogeschool van Amsterdam). She may not speak English fluently as before (or even her writing skill is becoming worse), but she can still understand what people are saying.



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Margaretta Carolina Siwalette
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Another BLISS
Friday, July 31, 2009 7:56 PM

In the morning I went to the LAKESGILUT (Lembaga Kesehatan Gigi dan Mulut) of the Indonesian air force. Lakesgilut is a hospital full with dentists who help us healing and taking care of our teeth.

I went first to room 5 to clean my teeth. It was a really quite experience to get all my "karang gigi" cleaned. The doctor have diagnosed that i had some holes in my 14th and 15th teeth. I gotta go to room 6 where they can add something that the hole is being closed.

The doctor there said that th e hole is quite big and she didnt dare to permanent the "add-ons". She add some temporary "add-on" in the hole and she told me to go to another room to get my teeth rontgent.

I went back to her and she said to me that the hole is quite deep and i have to get another treatment. It was Endodonsi or nerves treatment, and for the second or third time i had to go to room 3. But she told me that i also can return in the evening, round 6 o'clock.


And we decided to take some hair treatments in Plaza Pondok Gede. I chose to have ginseng creambath to strengthen my hair. OMG... It wa s sooo relaxing to have someone who massage your head when you are watching TV, and when you are waiting the cream to be absorbed your back hand, and fingers are being scrubbed. Soo relax... then they blew my hair and we went back to lakesgilut at 4 0'clock. Hoping that there are no more a long queue. And we got that they are closed and be opened at 5 or 5.30pm. NICE. We decided to go to Senayan city to buy some shirts.
IMG_0511.jpg IMG_0514.jpg IMG_0512.jpg IMG_0510.jpg


I was riding my black sport car head to Senayan City.

I got some kind of stomachache.
It was really not comfy. I had to go to toilet as i got there and just got an idea that i got somekind of diarrhea or diarrhoea.

Very uncomfortable.

We (My dad, mom and I) went to the DEBENHAMS dept. store, and luckily i found some nice shorts and a grey jeans. I also bought 3 Giordano Tshirts. There was a promotion. 3 shirts for only Rp. 279.000,-. If i bought only one, it costs Rp. 179.000,- Quite nice....
I also saw a nice and cute dress there. I forgot about the brand but it's quite expensive for Indonesian people (Because it's converted to Indonesian Rupiah first)

DSC00072.jpg DSC00073.jpg DSC00075.jpg DSC00077.jpg DSC00076.jpg

At last we went to Guess store. I have bought 2 nice bags. Two bags for only Rp. 1.500.000,- how expensive it were. And we had decided to buy 2 bags (black and grey) which cost in total Rp 3.200.000,-. Hehe.... it was quite nice... (i put one of my bag, the other one is being used by my mom, i'll upload them later)

Before we got home, we bought some cake and bread by Bread Talk. I saw no more cheesse cake there. So dissapointed since i really loved the cheesse cake blueberry of the bakery. NOOOO~~~!!

I felt hungry and we ate dinner at Kafe Betawi. As usual, I ate Nasi Goreng Pete (pedas) there. I ordered Sekoteng too! So long ago that i ate sekoteng. And my dad ordered some Es Campur. Ah anyway.

Nasi Goreng Pete is also called fried rice pete. And what i ordered is the hot ones. You can also order the medium one. It was soo delicious, really delicious! Unfortunately I havent taken the picture of it :(

Sekoteng is some hot dessert coming from Java island. It is warm and like some soup with ginger sauce. It contains some soft things like pacar cina, cincau, bread, kolang kaling, green beans, and peanuts. It is so delicious and i got better when i drink the sauce.

IMG_0518.jpg IMG_0517.jpg IMG_0519.jpg
Es Campur is random ice :p.
It is really random, you can add whatever you want in it. If you want some coconut, put it in. Cincau and pacar cina, put them in. Avocado and tape (fermented cassave), put them in. And some grated ice would be added on the things and some pink-not-really-thick-syrup would be poured on the grated ice.