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I'm just an ordinary girl who is used to be called as Gretta. The full name of Gretta is actually Margaretta Carolina. Does Carolina her surname or something like that? Hmmm... How can I explain this? This is kind a complicated story so better not to discuss it here. Hehehe. You may assume Carolina as my surname. :P

Gretta is now going to be a 20 years old not yet mature girl since she is really into animes and mangas specially Sailor Moon. She is also into figure skating so much. Unfortunately she can't improve her skills as good as when she was in her home country, Indonesia. She is also crazy of designs. Well this theme of her blog is designed by Leen (thanks for the cool skin)!!! She is a perfectionist. All the things she does have to be well done, and NOT half done (it's scary if I have to watch some blood on my meal!! (>,<)

She's now hardly studying architecture in the Netherlands. She speaks more Dutch than English nowadays - ever since she attends a Dutch university of appliances (Hogeschool van Amsterdam). She may not speak English fluently as before (or even her writing skill is becoming worse), but she can still understand what people are saying.



Margaretta Carolina Siwalette
Margaretta Carolina Siwalette
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Rewind to 21 augustus 2008
Sunday, August 24, 2008 2:34 AM
Rewind to 21 augustus 2008
First day’s school – Introduction Day –

One day one day before this day I made an appointment with Ali to go to the introduction day together, since we had known that we were about going to study architecture in HvA. I had to register in Student Service Center to give all of the needed documents such as my high school and junior high school diplomas with its translation, copy of my passport and residence permit and other documents. The Introduction began at 10.00am but I was there 45 minutes earlier to register first.

I went downstairs, headed to the schools canteen where all of the bouwkunde students (build environment students) waited till 10.00am. The time had come and we gotta stand in a long crowded rows to absence ourselves. My name wasn’t listed there because I had just registered all of the documents 45 minutes ago. Yeah… that enrollment form was ignored by me because I thought I couldn’t enroll the architecture of HvA anymore till Cindy Groen had called me one day before this introduction day.

On that desk i was asked whether if i would join the outdoor day in Maarsen, and i just replied her, "Yes", then i paid some money for tomorrow's event. It wasnt obliges, but i just wanted to join!! It sounded fun and by joining that outdoorday it seems that i could be able to know other friends. Since i knew that i'm just a foreigner and my dutch language was not as good as those who had already lived here for more than 1 year or years, i should take this chance to let them see that i could exist too in this tough world.

There were some presentations done by the docents of architecture faculty. When I paid attention to the presentations, I knew and I felt that this is my path I’m walking. This is the right way I’m choosing.

Even other says : “Women can’t be success in this field”

Or something like : “You wouldn’t earn much money by being an architect, because no one would take woman as their architect, it’s men’s job”

Or even : “You are about to be underestimated by people, because you’re NOT working as the DIRECTEUR of a BANK”

I would prefer to say : “I don’t care if I don’t get much money or being underestimated by people or this job belongs to men. I just do what I want to do and I just do what I interested to. I wouldn’t study what I don’t like such as ECONOMY, ACCOUNTANCY or something like that. I love drawing, I love painting, I love drawing houses and be able to design it by myself. I love seeing my parents happy because I’m also happy studying what I love. Just say, even if I HAD to study economy, or something belongs to social economy fields, even if I WAS ABLE to get HIGH SCORES on that subjects and for sure I am able to get it, even if I could earn tons of money by doing such works, and still I FEEL that I’m not happy doing these things, I would rather die.”

After the long and fast presentations of the docents, we had a lunch break. I ate my broodje ham met kaas with my chocomel. And got an apple from Edwin, another Indonesian man from TSOC HvA (a dutch course that I attended too) who joined the introduction day too. Then we had to have some presentation again before we got a round trip around the campus. It seemed pretty interesting with some illustration and games about ‘think out of the box’. Then we had to take a trip around the HvA.
It was a quite nice trip except the long waiting of the groups that had to be decided first by the docents or committee. And you know what? I was the only girl in my group. We walked around the building, another group was joining the same trip, and of the two groups, I was still the only girl. (TT.TT)

The last stop was the LAX, a lounge bar of the students belongs to ASVL (Aviation Studenten Vereiniging Leeuwenburg). I didn’t drink beer, so I drank apple juice, then go back home. And got my uncle saying ‘unreasonable’ things while he was cooking. I couldn’t bear hearing what he had just said and kept my mouth shut. *I knew he might have some trouble so I just let him say what he wanted to say*
At the dinner, something had happened that had made my uncle so mad. I couldn’t even say what I had to say that night. I had to tell him that I wanted to join tomorrow’s outdoor day in Maarssen (and that I had paid €20 for it). But on that ‘freaky scary’ condition, I couldn’t say a thing.
Then I kept my mouth shut till the morning had come.