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I'm just an ordinary girl who is used to be called as Gretta. The full name of Gretta is actually Margaretta Carolina. Does Carolina her surname or something like that? Hmmm... How can I explain this? This is kind a complicated story so better not to discuss it here. Hehehe. You may assume Carolina as my surname. :P

Gretta is now going to be a 20 years old not yet mature girl since she is really into animes and mangas specially Sailor Moon. She is also into figure skating so much. Unfortunately she can't improve her skills as good as when she was in her home country, Indonesia. She is also crazy of designs. Well this theme of her blog is designed by Leen (thanks for the cool skin)!!! She is a perfectionist. All the things she does have to be well done, and NOT half done (it's scary if I have to watch some blood on my meal!! (>,<)

She's now hardly studying architecture in the Netherlands. She speaks more Dutch than English nowadays - ever since she attends a Dutch university of appliances (Hogeschool van Amsterdam). She may not speak English fluently as before (or even her writing skill is becoming worse), but she can still understand what people are saying.



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Margaretta Carolina Siwalette
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Thursday, August 28, 2008 8:51 PM
Dua hari libur yang menyebalkan - De vervelende 2 vrije-dagen - The quite-annoying 2 free days.

Yaph. As we could see on the schedule, Class 1U and 1V have their 'free-school-days' on Wednesday and Thursday. BUT! Somehow, we couldnt 'savor' our two free days because of that docent who didnt came to our very first project class. *for the Indonesian speakers who has read the previous post must be understand what i am about to say*

INDEED. The story has just began.
Tuesday, 26 august 2008
On tuesday I and the other two students of class 1V were standing in front of the local C2.28, the local room where we were going to have a project class with the docent named Sander van Veen. We had been standing 10 minutes before the class began. It showed 8. 20 while the class should begin at 8.30.

Five and ten and till 15 minutes no one came to that local. It was already 9.15 when we realized that we should find where the docent was. We went to the docents room and asked the colleague of Mr. Sander van Veen and she didnt know it either where he was. Aiya aiyaaa... We came for nothing, it seemed.

We had asked the administration that arranged all of the schedule in the intranet of our school but they said that there was no changing. We had also checked the intranet and finaly decided to send the Mr. van Veen an email to tell him that "AT LEAST" we CAME and even EARLIER than we should have come.

Wednesday, 27 august 2008
Shit happened in this fu**in lazy day. I was reading my new-covered course-book when Wan King called my mobile. She informed me that there's a class of MR. SANDER VAN VEEN on the eleventh hour (it should begin at 18.10), and you know what time it was? It was 17.00 when Wan King called me!! Should i come or shouldnt i? I wanted to come to have some information (at least) about our project. This is very important for the HBO'ers. But yeah, you know.

My uncle was a lil bit mad at me because i told him such a sudden-changed-schedule. I DIDNT KNOW IT EITHER, OOM... How come i know why did the schedule was changed? I am just a newcomer at this school and yes, from the very begining the docents have said that we SHOULD every morning check the intranet, if there's a change in the schedule or if the docent is absent.

Yeah, and the answer was "No, you musnt go there".

Thursday 28 augustus 2008
For the XXXX times shit happened again! I was planning to go to school to make an assignment of analysis class with my friend, Yasemin Barun. But unfortunately she was sick and I think we could do that tomorrow, after class. BUT, circa at 1.30pm Yasemin called me that the schets class was moved from Friday to today at the nineth hour (should begin at 3.40pm).

I AM VERY BUGGED BY THIS PIECE OF SH*T! And i decided to phone my uncle at his office and tell the truth. He seemed angry and thought that everything was not well arranged. Then he told me to complain about this kinda thing, since i should have paid SO MUCH MONEY for this university.

Ok the story goes to the scene when i am arrived at school.

I arrived there at 3.15 and there's still time to have a chat with the classmate, Richardo and other friends, when suddenly when there's almost time for us to have the class, SOMEONE HAD TOLD US THAT the docent of the schets class was sick too. He couldnt give us a class.

*too much bad words here* --- sensored ---

We had nothing to do at school so we (Richardo, Wan King, Quirine, and I) decided to HAVE SOME MEAL, since my stomach is keroncongan because she was not being feed by me. hahaha...
We went to the burger king and i ordered the RED HOT CHILI WHOPPER menu.

I ate the french fries first (this one is a must for some reasons). When i opened the burger, i saw that it was not a WHOPPER. It was a chicken something. I complained to the cashier where i ordered the whopper and they simply gave me the whopper without asking me to pay more. (the chicken something menu is cheaper than the whopper menu that i just had had).

After an enjoy discuss we decided to have a walk around before going home. On the way to NOWHERE we had talked so many things then we decided to have some pictures of us. hahaha... the idea came from me... these are the photos:

After taking photo on this point, we walked back to the station and went back to HvA. The girls needed to do number one. Chit chat about the languages and many things, then we headed back home. huff...

This morning i have a college of the history of the art of the buildings.
200 minutes hearcollege, and the materials come from the fu*kin expensive book, Geschiedenis van de bouwkunst.

Ok. Gotta have some SLEEP NOW...